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Takami Kugayama is a Fan Character created by the artist Yajin. A tomboy from Yokohama with many friends, including Emiko Komatugawa and Pop Harukaze; who she dearly cares for.



Takami has short metallic crimson hair with slanted, half-shut eyes of a matching color. She appears to be shorter than she looks, but is theorized to be between the ages of ten and fourteen with a mischievous expression often in place.

Outside of witch form Takami normally wears her school uniform, composed of a white button-up with a brown vest and skirt. Her tie is blue.


Despite her small frame, Takami has a lot of power. Some find it hard to approach her, but she plenty of friends. She can be somewhat private with others and keep to herself, but when she's with someone she likes she can show a playful and mischievous personality instead.

Apprentice WitchEdit

A red apprentice with a high-rank. She keeps both things a secret, however. Over time she started with a somewhat custom apprentice uniform that eventually evolved into its own attire. She used a unique pollon and has a little red yousei who is very affectionate with FaFa, Pop's yousei- just as Takami is to Pop.