Senta Yami (闇 センター) is the main antagonist of a fan series called Ojamajo Doremi Koa. Senta is a presumed friend of the Ojamajos.

Bio Edit

Appearance Edit

Senta is a fair-skinned girl with long black hair. Her bangs are covering half of her face, but we can see that she has dark red eyes.

Her everyday outfit consists of a black short-sleeved gown with black shoes. She also wears a dark witch hat on her head and a magic wand/scepter.

Personality Edit

Senta prefers to keep things to herself. She's full of secrets, which she, of course, doesn't want anybody to find out, not even her newfound friends. Senta is also a very manipulative and sneaky person.

Despite her dark appearance and personality, she has a soft spot for anything sweet. If it has sugar in it, Senta will happily eat it. Surprisingly, her friends were slightly annoyed by this.

Apprentice Witch Edit

Senta's origins and how she became a witch apprentice are unknown; however, it is hinted that she has done awful things with her magic after completing her exams and becoming a full-fledged witch.

When she introduced herself to the ojamajo's, they originally didn't think there was anything strange about her. She managed to manipulate them into befriending her. After a while, the ojamajo's came to accept the "gift" she gave them, the Noro Tap.

Later, it was revealed that Senta planned to overthrow the Witch Queen. Thankfully, the others realized that they were tricked and they successfully stopped her. As punishment for stopping her, she took away the Noro Taps and their magic. However, things didn't end well for Senta; she used forbidden magic to make everybody at school forget she was ever there.

Senta's crystal is black in color and it's shaped like a skull. Her fairy is Sese; she has a similar appearance and personality as her owner.

  • Transformation: Pretty Witchy Senta-chi!
  • Spell: Unoa Linoa Wukoia Prona!
  • Magical Stage: Unoa Linoa Helpfully!

Relationships Edit

Doremi Edit

Doremi was originally annoyed by her. However, she came to like Senta after being manipulated by her.

Hazuki Edit

Senta thought Hazuki had the most potential for her plan to overthrow the Witch Queen. Hazuki was quite polite and friendly towards Senta. Unfortunately, Senta used this to her advantage.

Aiko Edit

Aiko was a bit curious about Senta.

Onpu Edit

Senta knew about Onpu beforehand. She was quite proud to give the child star the Noro Tap.

Momoko Edit

Momoko liked Senta from the moment they met. She thought that her style was very fashionable.

Pop Edit

Pop was the only one who had noticed Senta's true intentions.

Trivia Edit

  • Her name means central darkness.
  • Her wish to overthrow the Witch Queen came from her desire for power.
  • She used to wear the original witch apprentice uniform.
  • It seems that she and Pop aren't very fond of one another.