Majo Sakura is a young witch FC by CookieDevour of Deviantart.


Sakura often spends her time working at a Lolita shop run and owned by her mother and herself. She even has her own section and simply adores when she or her outfits are given compliments. She enjoys going to see her friend Kaede in the witch world or seeing the famous witch apprentices.


Sakura has fair skin and aqua-colored eyes. Her long, vibrant rose hair is pulled into thick twin-tails that curl on the bottom. Her bangs are pulled to the side of her face with a single spiked forelock sticking out from a sakura petal shaped clip.

Sakura loves frilly outfits and often wears them.


A dramatic girl who tends to be blunt and extremely honest with people. She lacks self-control and never knows when to stop talking- but if called out on it she is also humble enough to apologize. She is prideful when it comes to her outfits, having made them herself and feels she deserves bragging rights.

However, she is also dedicated. Sakura works very hard and keeps faith in herself to do a good job to make sure things pay off in the end. She is comparable to a haughty shoujo-type.


Sakura is a seafoam themed witch with attire she makes on her own. Her fairy, Kuku (reminiscent of the heehee~ laugh in Japan). She shares Sakura's personality and mannerisms and resembles her.

Her crystal ball is a seafoam treble clef to match her earrings.

  • Spell: Puufu Puunai Nani Pon!
  • Magical Stage: Puufu Puunai Sugoyakani!


Mother: Sakura's mom was a witch who had gone to the human world to retire when she met and fell in love with a human man. They later married and had more children. She taught Sakura how to sew.

Father: A human man who met Sakura's mother after she retired to the human world. They have had three children and he may or may not know of them being witches.

Siblings: Sakura has three younger siblings. Two being twin girls both the age of seven, while her baby brother is only one and a half years old as of now. They are half-witches, while she is a full-blooded witch. They have become apprentices, but are unaware that Sakura and her mother are full-blooded witches.