"This is a dream come true! I’ve always wanted to be magical!"
Andrea Chavez

Andrea Chavez is a quirky and grumpy kind of girl. Her friends are Koda, Andrea, and a boy named Jack, whom she denounced being a potential love interest.

Bio Edit

She has a lot of work on her hands, but she hates having to do chores and schoolwork. When she does have time off, she likes playing video games and eating, especially when they go to fast food.

Appearance Edit

Andrea is a pale skinned girl with short messy brown hair and light blue eyes. Her casual outfit is a green hoodie with blue jeans and teal shoes.

Personality Edit

She is a very energetic girl, especially when things are going great. However, when things aren't going that well for her, she becomes a bit whiny and grumpy. She's criticized for being too immature for her age, but she doesn't seem to mind this.

Apprentice Witch Edit

She became a witch apprentice when she left her home to visit Japan. One day, while exploring the suburbs, she found a magic shop. Her elder sister Melanie was supervising her, and the two decided to enter. They were looking at the magical items. She was told that all the items in the store were actually made with real magic; she then discovered the person running the shop was, in fact, a real witch. Majonori, the witch mentioned earlier, turned into a witch frog. The two siblings panicked, but before they could escape, Majonori offered them something that Andrea couldn't decline. The two were given their taps and were taught how to transform; it took Melanie one try but Andrea had some difficulty figuring out how to properly transform. Eventually, they could both successfully transform. Andrea adores her new status as a witch apprentice.

Her crystal ball is a green, narrow rectangle and her fairy is Anan. Anan, just like Andrea, is grumpy and doesn't like work.

  • Spell: Akina Okina Malinata Ichina!
  • Magical Stage: Akina Okina -

Family Edit

Her mom is a banker and her dad is a court reporter. Her eldest sister, Samantha, works part-time at a movie theater, and her other sister, Melanie, became a witch apprentice with her.

Background Edit

She lives in America, being raised in the state of Alaska. Her whole family went on a vacation to Japan, which is where she and Melanie met Majonori. After they returned home, Majonori decided to move to America in order to be closer to her apprentices.

Trivia Edit

  • The character is based on the creator.
  • Despite having a Spanish last name, she never learned Spanish or lived in Spain.

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